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Below are a few testimonials from our customers.
Reviewer: HDPANAMA, United States
I just came from a long trip, from Panama City to Costa Rica Los Arenales (1,600 M above sea level, is a volcano).
Very bumpy roads, a lot of mountain with plenty of tide curves. I did the same road up to San Jose only, last year with the factory shocks, and the two with my wife, I will have to say, that with the Intiminator and the rear RICOR Shock, the difference from last year was night & day, the performance of the Ricor Shock was excellent, my wife love it, almost no bottom out, the stability, control & handling of the motorcycle in the tough roads & curves improve tremendously compare to last year.
Reviewer: Dave Moquin
I got most of my Ricor suspension installed on my 2010 Super Glide towards the end of last season. At the time I really didn't have enough mileage to asses the changes this made. Now that I'm riding again and have a chanced to put a few miles on it, and have been able to fiddle with all my settings all I can say is WOW! What a difference! Gone is all the harshness with an awesome dose of control that I'd never dreamed possible with a Harley suspension. I can't rave enough about the results. My Super Glide now really lives up to it's name! Too bad HD doesn't offer this kind of quality suspension, even if it were an option. Once the word was out everybody'd want it! Thanks again for improving my ride beyond all belief! Keep up the great work.
Reviewer: Barry Jubber from Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa
I fitted a set of Intiminators along with Progressive springs in my 2006 XL1200C (101 RWHP) and was amazed at the difference in the ride. Last week I fitted the Ricor IAS shocks on the rear. The ride is now twice as good. I can whole heartedly recommend the system. I now have a Harley with a working suspension.
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Kent, WA United States
Installed in my 883C with Progressive brand front springs & a Superbrace. Turned it into a twisty machine.
These should come factory installed.
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tokyo, Tokyo Japan
I have a Harley Iron 883, after installing the Intiminators I can't say I'm disappointed. Smoother ride, especially over train tracks and big bumps at speed. Small holes and access covers seem to be less noticable. When I lean down and watch the forks I can see a lot more movement than before, the forks are recovering quicker so traction should be better. Thank you for producing a product that works as expected.
Reviewer: JohnE5 from Vancouver Island, BC Canada
After much research I ordered a pair of Intiminators to install under the progressive springs in my '07 KLR. Now the front end soaks up large hits with ease, keeps the front tire stuck to the road and inspires confidence. Best part of all brake dive is virtually gone improving control and feel. As easy to install as changing springs and well worth the money. Thumbs up Ricor!
Reviewer: barbara blaine from los angeles, CA United States
I've owned a 2008 Harley Davidson Nightster for the last two years and have hated my bike because I could never relax on it and enjoy the ride. Every little crevice in the road and I'd get thrown out of my saddle. It was painful. I just hade the Intiminators installed at Bartel's Harley Davidson in the Marina Del Rey, Callifornia and the service man who installed it put the brake on and Immedietly noticed the difference in the front end suspension and called a few other tech's over to sit on it and try it out themselves. They all came up to me and asked about where they can get the intiminators and I gladly gave them my paper work with their web address. Now I get on my bike and it rides like a Harley Davidson Road King. On the way home I wasn't even looking at the bumps in the road and enjoying the ride for the first time in the two years I've owned it. THANK YOU Ricor! I can't thank you enough for such an AMAZING product. So happy now. Makes all the difference in the world.
Reviewer: Louis from Montgomery Village , MD United States
Put these on my 2003 Road Glide, happy to say I could tell the difference as soon as I went down the road. Great add on in fact just ordered a set for my soft tail chopper.
Reviewer: Harold E. Wise from West coast
I had the Intiminators installed on my 04 Deuce a few months back. The improvement was very apparent immediately. Manhole covers, road imperfections etc. are barely noticeable. The front end just soaks them up and stays planted. Brake dive and fork extension when accelerating hard was also reduced. With a lot less feed back to the handlebars and the frame from the front it even improved the feeling or inputs from the rear as the rear shocks are only dealing with the rear now. Now that I am used to it, it is easy to forget what it was like before. When asked by other riders what’s the big deal, and the opportunity is there. I have them follow me and deliberately ride over those damn, road botts, that are so prevalent on the highways here. My Deuce glides over them while they are rattling their teeth. Hurry up and send the Vibrinators.
Reviewer: Russell from Maryland
I put these in this past weekend when I replaced my fork lowers. The ride has smoothed out considerably. I can still feel the road through the bars, but the harsh impacts have been smoothed out substantially. The instructions are relatively straightforward. I had a question about fluid level, called Brian, and got the answer I needed. This was especially impressive since I called on a Saturday. Time to order the rear shocks!

Reviewer: Damien Nelson from Sugar Land, TX United States
I have an '03 Harley Deuce (Softail) and the Deuce is known for having lots of dive when much so that the forks often bottom out. I came across this product in HotBike and decided to try it out. The install took more time than I had anticipated, but it was worth it. My front suspension is much more firm now and the dive problem is non-existent. The feature where this product is able to discern the difference between bumps in the road and a dive due to breaking is pretty accurate, though I do feel the road a little more. That said, the bike still manages those bumps nicely!
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Fe, TX United States
I have an 06 HD Dyna Streetbob. About a year and a half ago, I was riding into work on the Houston I-45, when I smacked a pothole that sent my front end diving, and wobbling. I slowed down and had to collect my thoughts because I darn near was road rash. After that, I swore I would invest in suspension upgrades. I found Ricor intiminators. Emailed Ricor, Brian responded immediately, answered my questions on the product and install, not just a canned response. So I bought em and and plopped em in, went for a ride. What a difference, stability, turning, braking, and even hit potholes, that were like pillows after my intiminators were installed. My front end is night and day from stock Harley Davidsons and alot of that is due to Ricors technology. So thanks guys for making a safer, more enjoyable ride for me. The only downside is it has made me notice how inferior the stock rear suspension is compared to the Ricor front end, guess I'll have to work on that in the future. :)
Reviewer: CB from Salinas, CA United States
Outstanding handling and ride improvement. Not only is there a marked improvement in ride quality over all surfaces, but the increased handling in corners is significantly improved from a much reduced brake dive when entering a corner and through the center of the turn, especially over rough surfaces. The confidence I feel is that the tire no longer loses contact over these rough surfaces, which can be very unnerving to even the most experienced rider. These units have turned my ho hum canyon runs into an exhilarating ride. Not only do these intiminators increase the fun factor, it is in my opinion, they increase safety as well. I would also like to add that the customer service is second to none and the crew at Ricor go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with their product and truly stand behind it
Reviewer: Arthur Lund III from Warrendale, PA United States
I read about these units in American Cycle magazine and was so impressed with the product that I purchased them. I installed them in my '06 Dyna Low Rider that had HUGH brake dive and a very unstable feeling on highways and roads that had any type of groove or roughness that I had to drive over. With the Intiminators all this unstableness disappeared. There was very little brake dive and a much more secure feeling concerning stability in the front end. Confidence in handling went up 100% and a fun and secure feeling was felt when riding all kinds of curvey back roads here in Pennsylvania-Thank you Ricor!!
Reviewer: Steve from Yakima, WA
Ricor says these little valves that drop into the forks beneath the springs "...detect if the wheel is trying to move or if the chassis is trying to move, resulting in a more stable chassis and a faster wheel response over bumps." First I'll say that it was a bit interesting separating what I was feeling coming from the front from what was coming from the back wheel. Many times though, what I did not feel at all in the front, I did from the back. The route I chose has a stretch that is downright unpleasant because of poor paving. You just about need a kidney belt. It was much improved this time. So much so that I would not put it in the uncomfortable category any more. It was not like riding on a good road though, so don't hear me saying it will transform a bad road into a good one; it just makes it better. I aimed for every road imperfection I could find. Sometimes the difference was remarkable, at other times it was hard to tell if it made a difference. Sometimes I didn't feel anything at all in the front but did in the back. I didn't get a lot of 'dive' in the front due to braking before, which may be due to how I brake, I don't know. Today, when braking hard there was a dip in the front but nothing I'd call a 'dive.' So I guess I can't say much about that. Overall I'd say it was a noticeable improvement, but it did not get into what I'd call transforming the ride. And I'd put it in the category of 'worth the $$.
Reviewer: mek from Finland
I think this is the best value for money investment you can do for the BMW F 650 GS Dakar shocks. Brake dive is about 1/3 of what it used to be standard. Smooth and sensitive respons.
Reviewer: Gio from Montreal, QC Canada
Great product . Easy to do yourself with a minimal mecanic experience. You can't go wrong they do exactly as advertised. On-road they work great but they really helped my ride off-road. My forks are now smooth when they have to but they do not dive anymore when it gets rough. Perfect!
Reviewer: Terry in Canberra, Australia from Canberra, ACT Australia
I have a 2009 SV650 S and fitted the inserts about a month ago and we have just returned for a 2 day blast over the Snowy Mountains in Southern NSW. (The Steven Walter Snowy Ride). We were 2 up, both weigh about 85 kgs plus gear, so the little Suzi was pretty loaded up. We started in a group of 5 and 3 hours later we were the only ones still going at the original speeds. The others (2 x CBR600's and 2 x VFR750's) had all dropped off the pace. It doesnt matter how good a rider is, the bike has to be able to cut it. To me, the difference was the front end stayed planted and solid. Never a scary moment, never an understeer, predictable the whole way and took everything I threw at it. The intiminators are brilliant. Simple as that. PS: Ive since fitted the Ricor rear shock, set up to recommended sag and we love it just as much. Thanks guys. Job well done.
Reviewer: Bruce from Australia
Did a run up Mt Nebo and Glorious down to the T this morning and I am most definitely impressed. While the bike was supple previously it was riding very low in the suspension and there wasnt much room for dealing with bumps when pushing hard. Now the bike is transformed. It feels so much more composed at high speeds. It feels very similar to how the GSXR 600 felt in terms of compliance and control but with the SV's lovely railing characteristics. Definitely no need for additional springs even if i had cut the spacers there would be room for preload adjustment. I really noticed how much more I was able to relax when pushing. I am definitely a very happy customer and I would recommend the Ricor Intiminators to anyone who wants to transform the front end of their SV650 without paying additional for springs or drilling holes.
Reviewer: Alan Salazar from San Jose, CA United States
I installed these along with the IAS shock and the improvements to my KLR suspension has been immense. Better feedback on the open road, cut way back on the high-speed wobbles, absorbs bumps like no other. Highly recommended upgrade to your KLR.
Reviewer: Beale Dabbs from Fullerton, CA United States
The installation is dead simple and reversible! I installed mine at night and went for a quick ride. I noticed immediately that the beam from my headlight was shaking considerably less than before. I use my KLR for everything from canyon blasting Ortega Highway to serious desert riding including single track. On the street, the front wheel feels much more connected when pushed hard. When riding up on a heavy rut or rock in the dirt, I still brace for the giant chassis shudder that always came with a big hit into my stock forks. Since installing the Intiminators, it never comes. I've yet to bottom out my forks since the install but I sure have tried! A must do mod for KLRs.
Reviewer: Ted from Minneapolis, MN United States
I installed the Intiminators along with the Ricor shock on my '05 650 V-Strom and what a difference they have made! The Intiminators effectively eliminate brake dive and yet the forks are very supple over the broken road surfaces here in Minnesota. The bike is considerably more planted and even extremely rough road surfaces will not cause it to vary off line. Very confidence inspiring.
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from United States
I like my Intiminators a lot. They have smoothed out washboard on both bad pavement and off road as well as controlling the major brake dive this front suspension is well know to have. I re-tuned the Intiminators to suit my riding (I'm not a desert racer) and the result is great. Installation was easy and removal and reinsertion for re-tuning was easier.
Reviewer: gravity storm from Bellingham, WA United States
I purchased the Intiminator based on Advrider reviews. Riding Skills, maybe a begin/intermediate. Wrenching skills intermediate. Installation at first worried me, not having torn into a motorcycle that much before, but using a tutorial posted on Adv, proved to be fun and not very difficult. Time approx 2 hrs, most of which was checking and double checking instructions. I didn't get a chance to fully test the improvement until a dual sport trip in Sept in eastern Oregon, riding about 40% dirt/gravel/washboard, and 60% mixed quality pavement. Major Improvement over stock WeeStrom clunking front end. No more clunk! Smooth, supple on washboard. A ziptie on the fork showed me I was using the full travel, though it never seemed like the fork was moving that much. Highly recommend these for ease of install, and ride improvement.
Reviewer: Ken Graves from Grafton, MA United States
I finally had time to install the Intimators in my Scrambler. Only one ride on them due to impending snow, but long enough to notice the amazing transformation in the front end. The front tire feels much more planted in corners, especially when bumps are encountered mid-turn. The tendency to dive the nose under braking is all but gone. Strangely enough, I never really had too many compaints about the stock front end, but I now can easily see where it was lacking. These are a must-buy!!!
Reviewer: Gerry Dempsey from Mackay, Queensland Australia
I have just fitted the Intiminators to My 05 Trriumph America. I immediately noticed a substantial difference in the handling chacteristics, It is really smmoth to ride and you now cant even feel the joins in the bitumin, All previous bump reactions in the front end are now gone and the tyre now seems to have a better grip on the road. (Thanks to LK in Mackay who steered Me in this direction). The bikes should come from the factory fitted with these types of valving in them . Thanks Ricor . Execellent Product and very Cost Effective.
Now to get the rear end properly sorted!
Reviewer: J.A. Daley from Brisbane, Australia
Fitted the INTIMINATORS to my 2008 Triumph scrambler one week ago . The bike now absorbs the bigger bumps much more easily and tracks so much better on bumpy corners , also gives a much more smoother and complient ride on all surfaces.
Reviewer: Aric Keller from Janesville, WI United States
After reading many experiences with Ricor, it was a "no brainer" to drop the coin for the Scrambler. Installation is easy if you know how to remove the front wheel and have the correct tools. Make sure to Torque everything back to spec. My only dislike was that the instructions would be better to give the required fluid ounces per fork tube as well as fluid measurement. The Fluid level given for the Scrambler is ball park, so you may need to adjust fluid level a bit for your ride liking. Also, the preload spring tube needs to be cut down as said in the instructions. If you're on the heavy side, cut off 3/8" instead of 5/8." The Intiminator is awesome. If you're on the fence whether to do it or not, I'd spend even more on this product knowing what I know now. Keep up the great work! I can't wait for the new ricor rear shocks.
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