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Patented Inertia Active Dampening for Damper Rod Front Forks
RICOR’s INTIMINATORs are the world’s only patented inertia-activated front fork that detects if the wheel is trying to move or if the chassis is trying to move, resulting in a more stable chassis and a faster wheel response over bumps - and the best handling suspension available.
INTIMINATORs sits on top of your stock damper rod forcing the oil through high-quality deflected discs found in top of the line shock absorbers. When the front tire hits a bump then the inertia of that bump opens the inertia valve instantly allowing for a faster response. Installation is easy. Drain the fork
oil, remove the spring, drop in the Intiminator, add oil then the spring and away you go.
Inertia Active Technology Gives You:
  • Increased stability in turns
  • Increased cornering ability
  • Reduced brake dive
  • Smoother riding over the bumps
  • Faster braking
  • Less wallowing in turns
  • Reduced softness at slow speed
  • Less harshness over bumps
  • Reduced bottoming out
  • Better bike control
Watch How Our Inertia Active Valve Works


  • Do I need to also change springs?
For 90% of the population the answer is no. Try it with our system first and if you still think you need it then do it.
  • I have already changed my springs, will it still work?
Yes. We have had people change back to stock springs post-install but also many stay with what they currently have.
  • Do I need to drill my damper rods?
No. We use a lighter oil so the damper rod hole size becomes less of an issue.
  • I’ve already drilled my damper rod for a different product, is that ok?
Yes. The INTIMINATOR controls the dampening, NOT the damper rod.
  • Is installation difficult?
No, it’s as easy as changing springs. Drain your oil, pull the springs, fill oil, drop in the INTIMINATOR and replace the spring. Some people also cut the spring spacer the same length as the INTIMINATOR takes up to keep the same sag.
  • How does your product differ from other products on the market?
Our suspension is the only system on the market that can tell if the tire is trying to move or the chassis is trying to move. So, we can valve for an optimum wheel response independent of the chassis response and also at the same time valve for the optimum chassis response independent of the wheel response. RICOR's is the only suspension in the world that can perform this way due to our patented technology.