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RICOR was founded in 1988 to address the compromises that plague traditional shock absorbers after determining that the ideal shock absorber would respond to chassis motion and wheel motion with two completely different valving circuits, as opposed to traditional shock absorbers, which cannot distinguish between chassis motion or wheel motion and can only provide resistance based on relative motion between the chassis and the wheel.

The solution employed a motion-sensing valve to determine whether movement is coming from the chassis or the wheel, as opposed to merely reacting to the relative movements between the two like traditional shock absorbers. The second part of our design used the position of the motion-sensing valve to open and close different fluid circuits that could each be tuned independently to provide exactly the right amount of resistance to chassis motion and wheel motion.

In a sense, RICOR has managed to put two different shocks with completely different characteristics into one package. The primary circuit is tuned to control chassis motion and the secondary circuit is tuned to control wheel motion. RICOR's Inertia Active piston is able to recognize the difference between these two types of input and select the appropriate response reliably, instantaneously and automatically. As a result, RICOR shocks are able to provide the optimum response to chassis motion and wheel motion without any of the compromises typically associated with traditional shock absorbers.

The RICOR's Inertia Active suspension is the end result of twenty years and over 11 million dollars spent refining this technology, and has already been extensively proven in competition racing. Race teams all around the world have used RICOR shocks and experienced the performance advantage that RICOR's Inertia Active suspension offers; from the smooth tracks of the IMSA GTP series to the brutal expanse of the Sahara desert, the safety, stability, traction, handling and ride-quality of a variety of suspension designs have been improved substantially- not just incrementally.

RICOR shock absorbers are proven to significantly increase safety, stability, traction, handling and ride-quality. The bottom line is that RICOR shocks will make you faster. We're not defying the laws of physics or marketing gimmicks, but RICOR's Inertia Active technology promises to revolutionize every known form of motorsports. In fact, the same benefits that offer race vehicles a competitive advantage can be realized in any type of moving vehicle, from family sedans to motorhomes and heavy trucks.

The recent introduction of RICOR's Inertia Active Suspension line of off-road racing shocks represents a quantum-leap forward in inertia-valve technology, but that's not all RICOR shocks have to offer. RICOR shocks incorporate a wide assortment of additional innovative features and patented technological advancements that can't be found in any other shock absorbers.